Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I Read This Week

The Brave And The Bold #32 -- Aquaman and Etrigan must stop a horrific alien god from birthing itself into our realm of existance!  Do I need to say much more than that?  Okay I'll ad a bit more.  JMS is channelling the Bronze Age very strongly in this issue, pulling out a seemingly random combination of characters and making it work.  Every time I read this book I think I should add it to my pull list, and with some recent announcements of certain titles I read being cancelled, I may have to do that.  Loads of fun.  

The Shield #7 -- As Lt Huggins prepares for his next mission, he is introduced to his team's newest operative: The Brain Emperor!  Then, in Japan, the new Fox gets a visit from a very mysterious kitsune.  The lead Shield story spends some time filling in the gaps between the RPG attack in Afghanistan and that first mission in Bialya, which is appreciated, as is the fleshing out of the support team.  It's not quite as high octane as any of the previous issues, though.  The backup is a strong debut from Brandon Jerwa and Michael Avon Oeming, with a very noirish, Eisner sort of quality to it.  Should be interesting to see how that story develops (it already has a higher action quotient than Inferno had).

Re-Read Pile: The Brave And The Bold, The Shield.

The Pick of the Pile is TB&TB, which was a fantastic little story featuring two very cool heroes.  Shield was quality but didn't have the impact of previous issues, although the intro to The Fox was very nice.


Diabolu Frank said...

I'm glad I skipped out on the Red Circle titles, now that they're getting canned. I rather liked a few of the !mpact titles, especially the Jaguar, but nothing will ever come of that again.

I've got another week or so until my copy of TB&TB comes in the mail...

Luke said...

Don't get me started on that. Two exciting, great, NEW books getting the axe and for what? For this First Wave debacle which is destined to fail? Bah!

Diabolu Frank said...

First Wave is so been there, done that. I'm tired of the thirties and forties. I'd love a really strong, politically-charged, paranoid '50s or '60s thing. Even the '70s or '80s could be fun. "The Greatest Generation... of Super/Pulp Heroes!" No. Go away. You bore me.