Monday, March 8, 2010

What I Read This Week

Justice League: Cry For Justice #7 -- Prometheus seems to have planned for every possible eventuality, but if that's the case, how can the Justice League hope to stop him?  The wrap-up is a little harsh looking from the 3 artists credited, but the story goes into a lot of dark places, some expected, some not so much.  This polarizing series has turned a lot of fanboys' teeth on edge, but I have enjoyed it and I enjoyed this final chapter.  Very much served it's purpose by getting me interested in reading Robinson's Justice League of America as well as the followup storiess involving Green Arrow and Arsenal.  Like Flash: Rebirth last week, this is one I am eager to reread in one sitting.

Warlord #12 -- Deimos has taken control of Shamballah using Atlantean technology, and now it is up to the Warlord to stop him for good!  Grell hits his stride here, and it has suddenly become very clear just what he was setting up over the past year.  In an interview before this series began, Grell said that he had one more Warlord story to tell, and it is pretty clear to me that this is where that story starts.  Solid, strong S&S, with dead-eye art and the true beginning of a new (hopefully long-lived) era in the feature.

The Phantom: Generations #9 -- A brutal band of Arab slavers have decimated a small village, and The Ghost-Who-Walks is on their trail.  Strong adventure as is typical for this series, taking a standard scenario and making it fun, pulpish reading.  A highlight involves the Phantom making himself look like the ghost of the head slaver's father.  Fun read.

Re-Read Pile: Cry For Justice, Warlord.

The Pick Of The Pile is Warlord, which really delivered the goods and surprised me.  Cry For Justice was really good as well, and Phantom: Generations remains consistantly entertaining.  


Diabolu Frank said...

Justice League was sickening.

I liked the twist in Warlord. I followed a decent chunk of Tinder's story back in the day (during Grell's Man In The Iron Mask riff,) so the change-up suited me fine. This was the kinder of the two cuts, certainly.

Luke said...

Maybe I am just desensitized -- or cold hearted? -- but I did not have the reaction a lot of other readers had to CFJ. The death was harsh and hard to read, but by the same token it sold the lengths to which Green Arrow is going to fall.

The thing which I really liked about Warlord is that now all of the flashbacks and such which Grell was doing all serves as foreshadowing, and in retrospect it does a great job of setting up this new direction.