Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I Read This Week

These are a day late, yeah.  I ended up staying home to take care of both the baby and the wife yesterday, so I have an excuse at least.

Flash: Rebirth #5 -- I have one complaint about this issue, and it involves Jesse Quick's costume.  Otherwise, I am totally digging what Johns and EVS are doing here and cannot wait for the finale.  And then reading it all in one sitting.

Outsiders #24 -- The split-up team of Outsiders run into varios Black Lantern threats!  Most of this issue is a lot more quiet than I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it.  I like the scene with Halo and Katana, which shows how their relationship has grown since the Barr (t.m.b) days.  So far a good way for Tomasi and Pasarin to finish their run up.

Tiny Titans #22 -- Offspring, Plastic Man's kid, has fun on his first day at Sidekick Elementary, but watch out for that super bouncy ball!  The best bit involves the Stretchy Guy Club of Plastic Man, Offspring, Elongated Man, and Elastic Lad.

War Machine #11 -- The penultimate issue of the series, with War Machine being put through a mockery of justice by Norma Osborn in order to bury the transgressions revealed last issue.  Ares' courtroom behavior alone is worth the cost of admission.  The poltics are is silly but otherwise this is shaping into a strong send-off.

Red Robin #6 -- This title is a lot different from most of the comics I normally read -- mostly because I don't regularly read Batman-style comics -- but I am really enjoying it.  New artist Marcus To is extremely well-suited to this feature, and his Red Robin actually makes Tim look his age!

The Shield #3 -- Shield and Magog come face to shaggy face with Grodd, and have to get down and dirty to survive.  Meanwhile, Inferno is finding that hiding out is difficult when people you talk to end up dead.  I really enjoyed both parts of this issue.  The Shield feature tied up the opening arc very nicely, and included a nice bit of ambigiuity so that everything is not all neat and nice.  And in the backup, the mystery keeps building in nice ways.  Overall a lot of fun.

Re-read Pile: Flash: Rebirth, Outsiders, Red Robin, The Shield.

The Pick Of The Pile is Flash: Rebirth, but I'm a sucker for this series.  Outsiders and Shield were dang good as well.

So, what did YOU read this week?

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