Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unpublished Steel #6 Cover

I was inspired by Shag's recolored, never-before-published cover to Firestorm #6 over at Firestorm Fan, so I decided to post the last, unpublished cover to my favorite DC Implosion Title: Steel, The Indestructible Man #6.  This cover ended up being included in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2, while the interiors were eventually used in All-Star Squadron.

It's disappointing that this was not published, as it really is a dynamic, exciting cover, easily the best of the series.  

Hmm, maybe I will take a stab at trying to color this, although I am not nearly as artistically inclined as some of my fellow bloggers.  What do you say, folks?

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

Color it! That would be awesome. I'm a big fan of this character! While never reading this series, I'm a All-Star Squadron junkie.

And thanks for the shout-out!

The Irredeemable Shag