Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Read This Week

Outsiders #19 -- The Outsiders take a run at Deathstroke the Terminator as he tries to take out their lead, while the mysterious cabal the team has been fighting against sends their own strike force up into space... too bad they didn't count on The Creeper's security system!  It might jsut be me, but I very much enjoying the new Outsiders team's first story arc.  This issue treads strongly with a really well-designed and laid-out battle with Deathstroke (handled by Fernando Pasarin) intercut with scenes of a big-baddie as well as Creeper in space (handled by Jeremy Haun).  Tomasi keeps it all on the rails and I am really impatiently waiting for the finale.

Tiny Titans #17 -- It's Robin's birthday party!  And he gets a lot of clothes as gifts -- ugh!  Plus some of the Tiny Titans discuss continuity, and all the headaches that incurs.  Cute if immorable installment.  I like Tiny Titans but sometimes I can't help but wonder if I would be better served spending the money I budget for it on some other kids comics instead -- to stock up on for when my son gets to reading age.  Of course, every time I think that some referential joke comes around which makes me fall in love with it all over again.  

Invincible Iron Man #14 -- It appears that Marvel's mail order subscription service is now locked into being at least a week behind the newsstand release date.  Ah well.

War Machine #7 -- Woo!  More American Eagle!  But that's not all in this issue, as War Machine brings the fight to the US government and the "Ultimo virus."  More guns-blazing action in the manner which befits a character of War Machine's style.  The setup for the rest of the storyline is a little obvious ("they've split the CPU into three parts scattered across the country!") but this title is not about subtlety.

War of Kings: Ascension #3 -- The secret origin (of sorts) of Darkhawk continues, while the Raptors make their play with Emperor Vulcan!  There's a lot of hate for this series and Darkhawk in general online, and personally, I agree with none of it.  Much like DnA revitalized Nova back in the first Annihilation, Darkhawk is similarly getting refurbished here, and I for one am really enjoying the trip.  I am hoping that after this event is done we will be seeing more of Chris Powell in the future.  Plus, this ties back to War of Kings #4 very nicely -- and to be fair, the creators still do a good job of explaining the connection in the bizarre chance that you are reading this title and not WoK.  Still not thrilled with the price point, though.

The Pick of the Pile is Outsiders, which hits on just about every element I want in a superhero team book (with the exception that there is no romance between two members... yet.  Remember the hint back in #15?).  Strong week overall.

So, what did YOU read this week?


Doug said...

I haven't been reading War Machine, but do they really call him "American Eagle" still?

I recently re-read the MTiO that introduced him.

Luke said...

Yes, although he is more frequently just "Strongbow." He makes a hell of a showing for himself, definitely.