Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unbridled Capitalism: Richard's Basement

My brother and sister-in-law camedown from New York for a visit, and on Saturday we took a visit into Greenville to hit up our local comic shops.  While at Richard's Comics and Collectables, I noticed a little sign on their cash register which said to check out their downstairs area, which was filled with quarter bins and other discount items.  Never realizing that Richard's had such a section, my brother and I gave it the once over and were dutifully impressed.

It's a small space, crammed full of lonboxes and a few tables covered with statues and toys.  I wasn't prepared to go fully bin diving but I did poke around for a bit, especially in a box containing discounted whole runs or miniseries.  So what was the swag?

Camelot 3000 -- The entire series for $8.00!  Hot damn!  I had passed on the hardcover collection which was recently released entirely on the price, but for 8 bucks how can you go wrong?  It's worth noting that this series is 1) written by Mike W. Barr (that magnificent bastard) and 2) on Baxter paper!

GI Joe Roadblock bust -- My brother picked this up for $20, more than half off it's normal retail.  I have the Cobra Commander bust from this line so I can attest to it's awesomeness.

Like I said, a short spin but definitely a place I have to hit up again at some point.  


Diabolu Frank said...

Um... and 3) Brian Bolland? The whole reason the series was reprinted Bolland? Possibly the only reason the series was conceived Bolland? Probably the longest form Bolland story before or ever again?

Luke said...

Yeah, but 1) I mark out for Mike W. Barr (that magnificent bastard) and 2) I mark out for nigh-indestructible Baxter paper. I have never blogged about my man-love for Bolland yet so there's running gag to play into.