Friday, October 17, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Frank rocks out with Roh Kar, Lawman of Mars.

Rick knows that I dig me some Jack Kirby Captain America (and The Falcon, too)!

I haven't read this one yet, but I think Lil Bones is right on: you can't go wrong with the Hulk fighting Frankenstein's Monster.

Kendall G takes a look at Days Of Future Tense, which I have never read.  At some point I will have to fill in the Ellis run on Excalibur, but not right now I don't think.

And finally, Kelson has some info about Brea Grant, who plays the speedster Daphne on Heroes.

Have a good weekend folks!


Diabolu Frank said...

Good to see the "Linking" back. You and I follow different blogs, so I've always appreciated the "heads up" when someone has a post I'd miss otherwise.

Luke said...

Between travel during the week for work and then on weekends with the wife, this blog has suffered mightily. I am trying to keep on top of it as best as I can at the moment.