Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekly Dose of Weird!

Beware the Spectral French!  WEIRD WAR TALES #26
Weird War Tales #26 -- This title almost always has a striking, awesome cover. This issue is no exception. I especially like the orange moon.

I. "The Survivor" -- In WWI, a French batallion has a rather unusual member -- a guy who likes to get "up close and personal" with the enemy before he dispatches them. But his commander is more than a little concerned with his strange laugh and odd manner... so what's his deal? Can't say for sure, just that he saves Hitler. Serious.

II. "Jump Into Hell" -- Being a paratrooper is a dangerous line of work to begin with, but when you jump into a fog-shrouded town that looks like a remnant from the Middle Ages, you know something is up. And that something is a town which worships Satan, and wants to use the boys as a sacrifice. Unfortunately, they happen to pick the Chaplain, and thus things don't go so well on the sacrifice front.

III. "A Time To Die" -- A B-52 bomber captain left his men to go down with the ship, and now he is laid up in an Army hospital, wishing he could go back in time. And so he does, in his hallucinations. Going down with his doomed bomber, he saves his men, only to be gunned down in a Nazi ambush. But it was all a hallucination, right? Then explain the sand in his boot, brother.

Overall Weird Factor: 3 (of 5).

Weird War Tales combines two of my favorite genres, and as such I am really a sucker for it. But it generally was a good read, filled with punchy little stories which usually left quite a bit to the imagination, and were a little dicier than stuff like House of Mystery due to the combat angle. The first story is definitely the Weirdest, but the second one has some great moments in it as well, helping that Weird Factor.

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