Thursday, September 20, 2007

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Well, not just the weekend, but until I get back here's some stuff to check out.

DC changes the content of some Superman titles. I'm annoyed by the change, but at this point it's better to move forward and let "Camelot Falls" play out in the Annual. Plus the Confidential story sounds pretty awesome, and at least we should get one more tale of the Forever People before Jim Starlin kills them.

Speaking of which, Jim Starlin kills the Forever People.

Anyone remember Mad Scientist Toys?! I ADORED these as a kid. I had Dissect-An-Alien and the Monster Lab. Oh man, that's hours of gooey memories.

rob! at The Aquaman Shrine shows off some sweet JLA stock art. I have a t-shirt which uses a very similar picture to that one.

Mike Sterling demonstrates the awesomeness of Beta Ray Bill.

Finally, Bill Tucci goes all fanboy talking about his upcoming Sgt. Rock project in his Hellion for Hire column: Part 1 and Part 2.

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