Saturday, September 8, 2007

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Rob! over at the Aquaman Shrine shows off this awesome Ocean Master profile from Who's Who.

Jim Shooter on the Legion?! Apparently!

From Newsarama: A Joust comic book and movie?!! I remember the Golden Age of video games, when things didn't have to make any sense! (In all fairness, the Joust concept is so wide open that you could probably do a sort of high fantasy, coming-of-age story out of it.)

Check out the Weird Movie Podcast courtesy of the folks bringing you Sword of Dracula.

A new comic blog with a great purpose: discovering if "90s X-Books" are as poor as everyone seems to think. Go check out Not Blog X!

Finally, Rick kicks it old school with Worlds Finest #159, available for your reading pleasure! Awesome!


G. Kendall said...

Thanks for link! Any feedback on Not Blog X is appreciated.

Luke said...

No sweat, dude. I used to read X-Factor and Excalibur back in the day, and always kept an eye on the two main X-Books as well. It is very interesting to see someone look back at them with fresh eyes and not just half-formed memories from 15 years ago. Keep it up!

rob! said...

thanks for the plug, sir!