Thursday, June 21, 2007

El Jacone is not a man to be trifled with.

Finally, there's a place on the Internet to talk about comic books!

Greetings everyone. Maybe that's a bit pretentious. Let me try again.

Hi there! Welcome to the Comic Book Bunker. You can call me El Jacone (Luke is fine too), and I'm in charge here. Inside these hallowed (read: electronic) walls, I intend to not only talk about the new comics which magically appear on the racks each week, but also older stuff which I think is cool -- your mileage may vary on that last one.

I decided to launch this blog because of some of the great comic book bloggers whose pages I frequent -- like Mike Sterling and Chris Sims and Kevin Church and Bully and Scipio and Rick and Rob! Hopefully I will be half as creative and fruitful in this venture as those fine gents -- because then I'll be succeeding beyond my wildest dreams.

Turn the page, gentle readers, for the adventure's about the begin!


rob! said...

thanks for the plug, Luke. and i can unequivocally say that is the most unusual banner on any comics blog out there.

Luke said...

Thank you, Rob! Your Aquaman Shrine is a personal favorite of mine just for the depth and breadth of unusual and cool merchandise you have in your posession.

I found that image while looking for an image of Steel talking about the JL Detroit's base, The Bunker. I thought it looked suitably awesome! Poor Steel!