Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Looks Good?

Today is Wednesday, so you know what that means! Go check out Diamond's Shipping List for this week, then head on down to your Local Comic Book Shop and have some fun!

What looks good to me this week?

JSA Classified #27 -- When this series shines the spotlight on one character, I tend to enjoy it, so the second part of this Wildcat tale should be right up my alley.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #8 -- Pro: Wildstorm has some very cool horror licenses to play with. Con: All three titles are no longer ongoing. Pro: Two of them are coming back as an anthology! Con: It's "NOES" and "TCM" instead of "NOES" and "F13."

Wonder Woman #10 -- I started getting this series in a subversive attempt to get my fiancee into comics. Then I discovered I was enjoying them. Crap!

Legion of Monsters: Satana -- Oh, what I would do to have "LoM" become an ongoing anthology title! In addition to the Daughter of Satan, we also get the Living Mummy. The Living Mummy, people!

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers -- Let's see, a diverse group of powerful heroes come together to battle villains who threaten the entire planet. Why is it that I can only get good Avengers stories in All-Ages book?

X-Men: First Class (v.2) #1 -- The miniseries and Special were pleasures to read, and this looks to be more of the same. I don't mind reading an All-Ages X-book, since it, you know, saves me from reading other X-Books. Well, except "New Excalibur." Which PWNS.

The Phantom #17 -- You might have to special order it, but there's something to be said about adventure comics versus superhero comics, and the difference is refreshing.

Also, I need to buy Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #53, as my shop did not receive it last week. Which means: Black Manta is in the house!

So what looks good to YOU?


Anonymous said...

New Invincible and Walking Dead out this Week!

Did I ever get you to read my Walking Dead trades? I think you would dig the series.

Luke said...

Yes, I have read the first two trades of "Walking Dead." Very cool series. My brother collects it and is always singing its praises.

Anonymous said...

Remind me sometime, and I'll bring you my back issues. I'll want them back eventually, but hey, its not like I'm using them now.

Diabolu Frank said...

1) Wonder Woman? Chicks aren't about Wonder Woman! It's all in the Gaiman. "Why, that's Death: The High Cost of Living, sweetheart. I know, it looks more like a movie than a comic, but it reads like a novel. I've been meaning to revisit that one, but I guess I can wait if you want to go first."

2) Wait-- you're enjoying Wonder Woman? I collected that book during the Eric Luke years, and even I've given up until Simone hits trade paperback.

3) I don't just prefer the Marvel Adventures line-up to 616, but now want to see Aaron Lopresti draw it, as well.