Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Looks Good?

Happy Halloween everybody! Remember, hiding in a closet from a homicidal maniac is never a good idea!IT'S THE ULTIMATE EVIL!

Sometimes, I wish Halloween was a Federal holiday. But not when it falls on a Wednesday! Check out the shipping list for this week, dress up in your best costume, and head out to your local comic shop for some 4 Color Treats!

Countdown to Mystery #2 -- New Dr. Fate? Yay! Jeanclipso? Boo! Spectre being the star of the Jeanclipso story? Yay! Spectre having a goatee? BOO!

DC Infinite Halloween Special -- Infinite Holiday Special amused me to no end last year, even if the name stunk, plus this Aquaman II, so I'll probably buy into that big dollar asking price.

Justice Society of America #10 -- The big question on all DC fans minds: Will Johns take enough time in this story introducing the Kingdom Come Superman to New Earth to make sure we get more info about how my boy Citizen Steel's life sucks?

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #35 -- What I hope to see this issue: Wildfire and Timberwolf going to town on each other. What would make this issue the best: Lightning Lad laying somebody out. It can be one panel with absolutely no context. I want my Lightning Lad! (Tony Bedard is doing a great bridge job here... I'm still annoyed about him not writing Batman and the Outsiders!)

Trials of Shazam! #9 -- Freddie Freeman vs Apollo Creed! What? It's not Apollo Creed? Just Apollo. Oh. Well, that still sounds cool, but not as cool.

Annihilation: Conquest: Quasar #4 -- Things are always darkest before the dawn... but in the case of A:C, I think the darkest days have yet to come. I suspect that Quasar will be getting her own ongoing after the main series, ala Nova last year, so this should be something to see.

Essential Werewolf By Night v.2 -- The perfect trade paperback release for Halloween! Catch up with California teen Jack Russell (sigh) and his surprisingly complex cast as deals with a certain monthly mood swing.

Iron Man #23 -- The best Marvel mag you're not reading. Period.

So what looks good to YOU?


rob! said...

Aquaman is in the halloween special? Ooops! shouldnt have passed that by!

i picked up Kyle Baker's Special Forces #1; i loved it. tough, unsentimental war stories.

Luke said...

Yeah, the special is very thick and very pricey, but it has 13 little stories in it, including one starring AJ. The Holiday special from last year was a lot of fun (mostly, the Supergirl story was incomprehensible), and I like Halloween better than Christmas, so I figured I would give it a shot.

May have to check out Special Forces, I have been digging some War comics the last few months!