Friday, October 26, 2007

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

DC announces the official Zuda launch, and names the first 10 contestants. Plus, we get the first winner. Sounds like some interesting stuff.

The last Zuda link, I swear, here's an interview with Love regarding Bayou.

Don't touch Mike Sterling's gold!

Chris Sims is actually a SKELETON!

rob! gets is straight from Tad's mouth. Err, uhm... not like THAT!

Frank shows us true horror.

Werewolf By Night story engine.

Finally, G. Kendall sez Get-Into-The-Groove! Amazingly, I don't think I actually ever bought any of the Toy Biz X-Force toys. Plenty of the X-Men and Iron Man ones though! I still have my Kylun and Havok kicking around, and I have a box full of Shellhead toys.


Frank Lee Delano said...

They should put that on the box for the Martian Manhunter Halloween costume. "Recommended for children ages 4+. Do not machine wash cape. Shows us true horror. Recommended not to be used in low light without additional reflective garb or other light source. Highly Flammable."

Adama said...

Also: "Beware: May induce loneliness and melancholy