Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Looks Good?

Like clockwork, each week your local comic book shop gets all sorts of goodies. Except when they don't -- make sure to check whether your shop got their shipments on Wednesday this week due to the Columbus Day holiday before heading out. Moving on...

Booster Gold #3 -- Old fashioned fun for folks my age. Booster Gold is like every one of us if we got superpowers.

Friday the 13th: What I Did on My Summer Vacation #2 -- Weird stuff going down at Camp Blood? Who'd have thunk?

JLA Classified #44 -- All Martian Manhunter, All The Time!

Superman #668 -- We're moving straight into "The Third Kryptonian," leaving the climax of "Camelot Falls" for the Annual... I'm annoyed but psyched at the same time.

Wonder Woman #13 -- WARNING: Not featuring Gail Simone. I "wonder" what this fill-in will entail.

Graveslinger #1 -- It's like Brimstone meets Briscoe County, Jr., so let's hope it lasts longer than either of those.

Heroes For Hire #14 -- Is World War Hulk still going on? I wish it would just finish already and leave this spiffy title alone.

Nova #7 -- Now, Annihilation: Conquest? Come on in and make yourself comfortable!

X-Men: Die By The Sword #1 -- Not really sure how this can come out before New Excalibur #24, but if it does, it'll go onto a "Waiting" pile.

EC Archives: Vault of Horror -- So... tempted... want... EC... *drool*

Southern Fried Comix #1 -- I have no idea what this is, or if I will find it, but that title is awesome.

Star Trek Aliens Spotlight: Gorn -- The single greatest race in the Trek universe finally gets some love.

So what looks good to YOU?

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