Friday, October 19, 2007

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Chuck Dixon replaces Tony Bedard on Batman And The Outsiders before it even launches, adds Batgirl (bleah) and Green Freakin' Arrow (BLEAH!) to roster.

rob! shows off Aquaman going a little Mad!

Frank busts out a Silver Age Martian Manhunter tale which makes absolutely no sense. Of course, now I want to own it.

For your viewing pleasure, Rick brings you a couple of classic Marvel cartoons. I miss fun Marvel. I really do.

Dynamite's upcoming Superpowers looks very, very cool.

Hey, don't be dissing on Skid Row, G. Kendall! They rock! (Seriously, one of my favorite bands.)

Finally, check out this link to the Wonder Woman Museum to see how you can bid on original art to benefit Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There's some great stuff in there!


Adama said...

Ollie? On the Oustsiders? WTF? Are we in the The Nail-verse now?

Luke said...

The rumor is that he and Cassanda Cain are going to be joining in the wake of Catwoman going over to Salvation Run and Martian Manhunter going... somewhere. Batgirl I can take or leave, but I am not sure why Green Arrow would work with the Outsiders and not, you know, just complain about their methods constantly. We'll see, I guess.

G. Kendall said...

Heh -- I remember Sebastian Bach freaking out on an interviewer who compared Skid Row to 80s hair metal bands.