Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Looks Good?

Everybody! Everybody! Everybody get going to your Local Comic Shop and buy some new comics! It's your duty as a capitalist!

Flash #233 -- Is it me or does it seem like it's been a while since this last came out? Or maybe I am just impatient? Probably the latter, when the Flash is involved.

JLA Classified #45 -- Just what is going on with J'Jonn and his brother on Mars? Hopefully this should answer our questions. (Woo, Martian Manhunter!)

Superman #669 -- "The Third Kryptonian," a story in THREE parts, get it? Busiek may be a "safe" writer, but he knows his way around The Big Blue Boyscout, and he's got a pretty good handle on his supporting cast and the Batman as well.

Annihilation: Conquest: Wraith #4 -- After the finale to Nova a few weeks back, I'm very eager to see how this book, as well as Quasar and Star Lord, set things up for the main series. The "Kree With No Name" could be a big player on the cosmic scene going forward.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #6 -- If there's any doubt that I'd buy an Iron Man mag, putting the Space Armor in it pretty much removes all of it. Plus: Living Laser!

X-Men: Die By The Sword -- I can see how the meeting went for this. "Chris, we can't let your write Uncanny right now since we've got Brubaker and Carey doing a little crossover, BUT we can offer you this miniseries with lots of CrossTime and the OmniVerse and British stuff!" Not that I'm complaining, but it's pretty plain just what this mini actually is.

So what looks good to YOU?


Frank Lee Delano said...

JLA Classified: At least the trade schedule seems to have picked-up. Maybe I'll get to read it by this time next year. Just tell me the "brother" isn't friggin' Malefic...

Adama said...

It could be Jemm, son of Saturn! (even though it makes no sense for humanoids ot live on Saturn...)

Luke said...

The brother in question is in fact Ma'alefa'ak, but he's not alive physically. It's essentially his spirit or ghost which is giving J'onn a hard time. The latest issue was actually pretty darn good, I thought, and J'onn spends all of it in his old cotume, as well. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but the old look is so much nicer than the current one, and I like the current one.

I just saw a Jemm, Son Of Saturn 2-pager the other day from a DC Sampler! I'll have to post the link to that. I wonder what he's been up to lately?

Frank Lee Delano said...

Do post that link. I'd like to steal it from whomever without any semblance of credit whatsoever. It's a cutthtroat business, this daily blogging, and I'll eventually get around to all twelve issues of the mini-series, after all.

Man, I hate Venom. Er-- Malefic. I wouldn't want to disparage as complex and well-considered a creation as Venom with the association...