Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Looks Good?

It's Wednesday once again, as it always seems to be in the middle of the week, which means its time for more 4 Color Goodness in the form of comics!

Hawk and Dove #6 -- I have to read #5 first, but this issue holds a special interest for me because this issue is written by Rob Liefeld -- meaning that it will serve as the first of three "try outs" of a sort for me to read his writing style before he takes over on The Savage Hawkman.  I said I was going to give him a fair shake and that starts here and runs through the end of this title two issues down the road.

Men Of War #6 -- Another DC title kicking the bucket shortly, this one has been a pleasure to read but I can't say I am surprised to see it not be super successful.  For one thing, I think it would have been better off had it been just a straight War title; the story in issues #3 and #4 was excellent, but the mix of military and sci-fi seemed to put people off.  Of course these are the same people who "didn't get" the SEAL backup in the first three issues, so who knows?

OMAC #6 -- The third of three DC titles I am buying this week which is ending at issue #8, this one will be probably the most missed just because it is the most fun book I read every month.  I read #5 last night and it was one of the best "two characters brawl for the length of the issue" comics I have read in a few years.  Hopefully DiDio and Giffen will at least bring the character of Kevin Kho to a satisfying conclusion (for now).

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #175 -- While the mainline Joe books get most of the attention online, this title is consistently one of the best reads I buy each month.  Hama can just plain write GI Joe, and he's doing month in and month out.  The last issue featured one of the best running armored battles I have seen in a long time, and the Blue Ninjas plot is really shaping up as well.

Charmed #18 -- The only comic I buy which my wife also reads, this is a good expansion and continuation of the TV show.  There was a great dig at the much maligned character of Billy and her sister (who's name I can't be bothered to look up) a few issues ago which betrays the target audience for this book -- which is fine with me as I have seen every episode of the show!

Futurama Comics #59 -- I finally sat down and watched "Season 5" (I thought the 4 movies were "Season 5?") of Futurama a few weeks back, and it's like the show never went away.  Of course, part of that is this series right here, which really delivers the goods for a Futurama fan like me.  

So, what looks good to YOU?

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