Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Captain Cold Makes a Comeback!

Thanks to The Source, it looks like Captain Cold is the first Rogue to show up in in the new Flash!  His costume looks fairly similar to his previous one, but the coat is obviously a huge departure.  Clearly this Captain Cold does not need to insulate himself from the sub-zero temperatures he works with.  Of course, the other big change is that this Captain Cold appears to be some sort of metahuman!  Will his powers be something in-born?  Or perhaps some technology gone wrong?  We'll find out in a few months time, it seems!

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Diabolu Frank said...

Power internalization. Scipio wrote an article about it a while back. I find it a bit weird here, since Captain Cold had a built-in accessory for the action figure. I can see getting rid of the fur, but it costs a visual representation of his powers. Everybody looks like a generic video game character now.