Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fair Trade -- Star Trek: The Gorn Crisis

Star Trek: The Gorn Crisis -- During the Dominion War, the Enterprise is ordered to open negotiations with the Gorn Empire in order to gain their alligience.  But the timing couldn't be worse because the Gorn military caste, lead by General Slessshh and his Black Crest warriors, have performed a bloody coup on the government.  Meanwhile, Riker is on the planet Elkauron II, working with a Klingon crew to shore up the defenses there.   Slessshh and his soldiers then launch attacks on the two closest outposts -- good ole Cestus III and, of course, Elkauron II.  With the Enterprise crew held hostage in the Gorn capital and Riker and the Klingons being pushed back by the extremely tough Gorn fighters, it's a desperate situation for the heroes.  Authors Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta turn in a solid tale with a strong examination of the Gorn and their culture.  Plus it is always fun to see Riker as an action hero -- much more believable than Picard as one!  The main selling point (besides the Gorn) is the painting art by Igor Kordey, which is evocative and very accurate.  It suits the story well and the Gorn themselves look great.  All around, this is was a strong Star Trek adventure, but not super epic or anything.  Worth picking up if you can find it and if you dig the Gorn, like me.

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