Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenge Of The Gobots!

Oh it's own now!

CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS: THE ORIGINAL MINI-SERIES (1984) From Gobotron to your home, it's the original 5 episode mini-series that brought the GoBots to life. When Cy-kill embarks on his mad quest to conquer the galaxy starting with Earth, only Leader-1 and his band of Guardians stands in his way. The mini-series that launched a legend! Newly remastered from original film elements, Challenge of the GoBots has NEVER looked this good.

While it's great to see the miniseries on DVD, I would much rather have seen an actual season set.  My brother got me a bootleg of this series but an official release would be pretty damn awesome!  And eventually, hopefully, we can get a DVD release of Battle Of The Rock Lords, which I have own on commercial VHS!

Also: Pirates of Dark Water!  And JABBERJAW!

Woo woo woo you know it!  

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