Friday, September 17, 2010

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

It's official: Derf's Domain gives you Glo-Balls!  I know he has some major babeage on his site, but seriously...

Frank shows us some awesome Martian Manhunter cosplay at DragonCon.

BONUS GAME! The History of Saturn.

DOUBLE BONUS GAME!!  Frank also brings some Hot Amazonian Cosplay!

rob! gets into the cosplay act as well!

And Shag, the guy who took all these dang pictures, has his own say.  (Sorry about not using any of the pics yet Shag... trying to get time to go through them still!  Yes I am lame.)

Michael presents his haul from the aforementioned DragonCon.

Sports Interlude: "Another Kind Of Call-up" from the D-League Digest.

And finally, check out some sweet upcoming covers, including some variants, for Dark Horse's Kull: The Hate Witch.

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