Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Looks Good?

Creepy Comics #1 -- Hey gorehounds!  Bring on the parade of horror!

Blackest Night #1 -- Hey superhero fans!  Bring on the parade of horror!

Titans #15 -- Hey Tempest fans!  Okay that's enough of that.  Tempest is back?  I wasn't aware he had left?  Unless we're talking about his quest from the closing days of Sword of Atlantis?

Wednesday Comics #2 -- Omigosh I can't wait to read my Wednesday Funny Pages!

Captain America #601 -- Two words: Gene Colon.  Four more words: Black and white variant.

The Phantom: Generations #3 -- More illustrated Men's Adventure starring a classic version of the Ghost Who Walks.

So, what looks god to YOU?

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