Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I Read This Week

Yeah, these are a little late, but I was behind on reading them so that's alright!

Nova #24 -- Meet Richard Rider, AKA: Quasar?!  Using the Quantum Bands, Richard pays a visit to Ego, The Living Planet with his spectral advisor Wendell Vaughn in tow.  Meanwhile, on a Kree outworld, the new Nova Corps is introduced to the awesome power of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard!  The tie-in to War Of Kings begins in earnest here, but DnA aren't letting that stop them from telling the story of Richard Rider, which I really liked.  Too often an event simply stops the tie-ins in their tracks.  I suppose, though, that if you are writing the event and the tie-in, that can be avoided.  Good clean cosmic fun.

War Machine #5 -- What do you do when the god of war is possessed by a technological virus, leading a mass of murdering lunatics into a population zone with nothing but destruction and decapitation on his mind?  Improvise!  Rhodey is going to enter total organ failure in less than 10 minutes, but that isn't stopping him from throwing everything he has at Ares and his band of lunatics!  Slam-bang from the get go, with a cliffhanger which promises more of the same.  This title may not get the same attention as Invincible Iron Man, but it is much more entertaining across the board.

Justice Society of America #26 -- It's time for a quiet story, as Stargirl gets the surprise of her lifetime when the entire Justice Society throws her a birthday party.  This issue serves mostly as a coda to Geoff Johns run on this title essentially going back to when it launched, and it serves its purpose very, very well.  It's chock-full of little character moments which Johns excels at, and Dale Eaglesham does such a good job of rendering them that you wish he was staying on board.  

The Pick Of The Pile is a close one, but I have to give the nod to Justice Society.  I like these small character stories, and as a send-off to the creative team I thought it was handled very nicely.

So what did YOU read this week?

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