Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Looks Good?

Here in South Carolina, the last couple of days have been nothing but Democrats railing at each other. Oh brother. Break the endless cycle of finger pointing by heading to your local comics retailer and spreading the love.

(Be sure to call ahead before you do, though... I have mixed reports on whether new comics have been delayed a day due to Martin Luther King Day on Monday.)

Wonder Woman #16 -- Another title I can't really afford, but I am really enjoying the new mythology that Simone is spinning here.

Showcase Presents: Aquaman V.2 -- Just in time for him to be resurrected in the pages of Final Crisis! (*crosses fingers!*)

Iron Man #25 -- Double-sized issue. Shellhead and the Mandarin, does it get much more classic than that? Well, I suppose you could throw some Communists in there, but we'll stick with Mandy.

So what looks good to YOU?


Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah yeah-- like all the talk of how John McCain will ruin the Republican party isn't tiring. Or how about all the back-biting between Romney and Huccabee? But hey, at least the Neo-Cons aren't stupid enough to be suckered by crocodile tears into giving their state up to the Iron Maid.

Meanwhile, which issues of Aquaman are in that second trade? I've been waiting for the Aparo issues to kick in, but it might be worth it to me if the wedding & death issues are in that one...

Luke said...

According to the DC website, v.2 contains Aquaman #7-23, World's Finest #130-133, #135, #137 and #139 and The Brave and the Bold #51. So, I don't think it has Aparo, nor the wedding or death issues.