Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Looks Good?

Delayed, delayed, always delayed! Having a holiday on a Monday throws my whole week off, it's good to know that even a day later than normal all your favorite four color goodies are waiting for you at your local comic shop.

Action Comics #865 -- Johns' "Rogue Profile" issues on Flash were always a highlight, so I figured it was only a matter of time until he did one here. And, after Busiek's work on making Prankster not only relevant but downright cool, I am eager to see what Johns does with Toyman.

Final Crisis #1 -- The DC event you've been waiting for! Or, at least, I have been waiting for, as all the spit hits the fan once more.

Futurama Comics #37 -- I'm always glad to see this title in my pullbox, as I think we all could use a little levity now and then.

Caliber #2 -- This is not listed on the Diamond list, but Newsarama sez it's coming out this week, so we shall see if the Arhturian West rides on, or if I have to wait a bit more.

So what looks good to YOU?


Bones said...

Futurama FTW! Very cool pick, I wish I had gotten in on that series. I started the Simpsons comics with the first Bongo issue, but eventually dropped it due to monetary constraints. I did enjoy the Bongo FCBD issue this year though, it really had me considering picking some of the stuff back up.

Is the Futurama comic anywhere near as good as the show?

Luke said...

I think it is. It follows a similar format to the show, with the crew having to make a delivery or whatnot and getting into hijinks, or someone invading the Earth or whatnot. The referential humor is even nerdier than the show, if you can believe that.