Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The (Long) Weekend

"Hello? Human Fly here! Cmon, I stayed up all last night dyin' my underwear!" That classic bit from The Simpsons not withstanding, here's Rick with the letterhead from the old Archie here, The Fly from his 90's revival.

An acetylene arrow? Aqua-lung arrows? When a Mechanical Octopus is not the goofiest thing in your story, it can only be the Silver Age, as Adama points out.

Frank presents: DEEEEEEEEEEEETROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIT JUSTICE LEAGUE! (With apologies to the Detroit Pistons... beat the Celts!)

G Kendall starts looking at the Warren Ellis run on Excalibur, which I may begin hunting at some point.

I can tell Bones is eagerly anticipating The Dark Knight, and these "alternative" trailers are just feeding the fire.

Scipio's Heroclix maps enter the mysteriois THIRD DIMENSION!

This Superfriends Aquasub, as presented by rob, is pretty awesome, but I am more jazzed about SF Hawkman! Must... resist... becoming... Hawkman... fanboy!

BONUS GAME! Aquaman teams up with The Blackhawks?!

And finally, be sure to check out James' Defenders Fansite, or else Valkyrie will smack you around... with the flat of her blade! (And if you get that joke I applaud you.)

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