Monday, August 8, 2011

What I Read This Week

Quick capsule reviews, GO!

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #2 -- Our hero, a policeman betrayed and left for dead, uses Mothra as his instrument of revenge.  This is as cool as it sounds; indeed, much better than the main IDW Godzilla book (see below).

Iron Age #2 -- As a Power Man & Iron Fist fan, I am probably more prone to like the first half of this issue, as they team up with Shellhead.  But the second half, with Iron Man and Human Torch fighting Dr. Doom, was very well done too.  So far I am digging this miniseries.

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman -- The 70s -- The lead story has Diana undergoing "trials" for denying her powers; the story itself is nothing special but I totally dig J. Bone's offbeat take on the Amazing Amazon.  The backup is a tale from the I-Ching era which, I think, is very representative of that period and fun to read.

DC Retroactive: The Flash -- The 70s -- The new story involves Gorilla Grodd trying to steal Iris away from Barry; kind of oddball but I can see it playing out in the era.  The backup is a reprint of an issue I literally just read a few months ago, part of a Flash/Superman race... why this story was chosen, I have no idea -- it's part 2 of a story, even!

Tiny Titans #42 -- Match and Bizarro Girl are IN WUV!  Too cute.

Invincible Iron Man #506 -- *sigh*  This one will get a bigger write up.  And not in a good way.

Futurama Comics #56 -- Fry gets the crew stuck working at a fast food restaurant as big as the planet Earth!  Also features an amazing cameo by Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie!

Action Comics #903 -- Reign of the Doomsdays continues as the battle reaches Earth.  Paul Cornell didn't work for me with Captain Britain, but amazingly enough I can dig his take on the Superman Family.  Eager to see how this concludes.

Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #4 -- It's Edward Hyde versus Jack the Ripper in a Victorian blowout to end them all!  Really dug this book and hope to get more from this team.

Godzilla, Kingdom of Monsters #5 -- More nonsense, with the best elements of the story happening off panel while we linger on stupid pop culture references and heavy handed politicking.  I'm done with this book.

Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #1 -- A great setup, with Robocop awakening from a museum far in the future, as Skynet is on the verge of eliminating the last of humanity.  Should be cool to see where this leads.

Charmed #12 -- The big blowoff to the Neena story delivers pretty much as expected.  It's the revelation at the end which has me more intrigued.


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