Monday, August 29, 2011

Podcast Roundup

If you're like me, then you listen to some comic book podcasts.  And if you are really like me, then these are some you should be listening to!

From Crisis To Crisis -- Covering the era between Man of Steel and Infinite Crisis, this long-running Superman podcast details the life and times of the Post-Crisis Superman.  With the new version of Superman coming very shortly from DC Comics, this is the time to check out the one which I -- and most of the folks reading this blog I am willing to bet -- grew up reading.

Xavier's Podcast For Gifted Youngsters -- The X-Men!  From the beginning!  No, really!  This new bi-weekly podcast is covering Marvel's Merry Mutants from the very start, including the pre-Giant Size period which I like so dearly.  Always great to get in on the ground floor of a podcast.

Tales of the JSA -- The Mystery Men of World War II gets the spotlight shone on them in this show.  And it's not just the Society, as the All-Star Squadron also get in on the act too.  

Anyone else have some other good ones they listen to?

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