Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Comic Book Day 2009 Freebies!

Did everybody do their civic duty and head to their local comic book shop on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day 2009?  I know I did, I have the freebies to prove it!

The Mighty Archie Art Players (Archie) -- I liked this one.  The Archie books are always a lot of corny fun, but this one, with four shorts all involving the gang in a historical setting of some kind, made me laugh (especially a joke involving a Roman Archie's reaction to seeing an Egyptian slave Betty).

Bongo Comics 2009 Free For All (Bongo) -- Hilarious stuff -- the long series of jokes about "free" comics were great, and the "team-up" of sorts with Leela and Amy was a lot of fun.

Disney/Pixar's Cars (BOOM!) -- I liked Cars, so I am probably pretty prone to liking this origin story of sorts for Lightning McQueen.  Plus Darrell Cartrip!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Dark Horse) -- The Star Wars side of this was pretty sweet, but the flipside sampler of DH stuff was a mixed bag.  I liked the Usagi Yojimbo short, but the rest, meh.

Blackest Night #0 (DC) -- As a set-up for the big event this summer, this special definitely did it's job and did it very well.  I wonder if this will be collected with the rest of the series?

Transformers Animated/G.I. Joe (IDW) -- The Transformers side was much better than the last one, being more than just screencaps of the toon.  The GI Joe story was pretty cool, although the Origins one I had seen before.

The Avengers (Marvel) -- Not bad as a New Avengers/Dark Avengers team-up, but nothing to convince me that I still don't like Bendis' take on the Avengers side of the MU.  The smaller size didn't bother met at all, by the way.

Ape Cartoonapalooza #2 (Ape Entertainment) -- Fun, like last year's book.  RPM is sort of like Transformers meets MASK, isn't it?  Also intrigued by their online stuff at www.apecmx.com.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Evolution of a Hero (Archie) -- I got bored with this recap of the 200+ issues of the Sonic Universe, as I was expecting an actual comic and not a text piece.

William Shatner Presents #1 (Bluewater Productions) -- Tek War stunk back in the day, and it still stinks.

Warhammer Fantasy (BOOM!) -- Cool fantasy stuff, although focusing on Chaos for a freebie is a little strange.  I wonder how much of this will go over non-Warhammer players' heads though.

Aliens/Predator (Dark Horse)-- Double winner here, with both sides being strong previews of the upcoming titles.

DC Kids Mega Sampler (DC) -- Reprints, but of the good kind, with Tiny Titans and Batman: The Brave And The Bold leading the way.

Nancy & Melvin Monster (Drawn & Quarterly) -- I really enjoyed the Melvin Monster side, enough to consider getting the collection this is a sample from.  Nancy... well, maybe I am just not getting it, because this was just weird.  And yeah, I know that's kinda the point, but still...

Wolverine: Origin of an X-Man (Marvel) -- AKA Marvel Adventures: Wolverine.  I really liked this All-Ages appropriate comic, even though Wolverine is not a reall AA character.  The Alpha Flight in-jokes were great.

TMNT #1 25th Anniversary Reprint (Mirage) -- I had read this before, but it still rocks even after a quarter of a century (!!!).

Owly and Friends (Top Shelf) -- Owly and Johnny Boo are always sure things, but the Corgi story in here is just plain bizarre.

Comics Festival! 2009 Volume 3 -- Haven't read this one yet.  Flipping through it, I didn't have much of a desire to do so.

Gone Missin':  The following titles were nowhere to be found!  Did anyone out there pick these up?  And if so, what did you think of them?  (Personally, I am most bummed about the two Gemstone ones; I mean, EC Comics AND Uncle Scrooge?  Who wouldn't be disappointed?)

Gumby Two-In-One (Wildcard Ink)
Arcana Studio Presents
EC Comics Sampler (Gemstone Publishing)
The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck/Mickey & The Gang (Gemstone Publishing)

I think it was a mixed bag this year, but some good stuff definitely shone through.  What did YOU think about FCBD 2009?

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Matt Shepherd said...

I'm the writer on RPM, and thanks for making the MASK comparison! We're trying hard to avoid getting lumped into the "another Transformers riff" bandwagon (which is hard to do when you have vehicles that turn into robot-lookin' battlesuits), and MASK is actually a bit closer to the mark.

I hope you find time to check out the first issue when it hits the stands -- it's definitely got its roots in some of the '80s cartoons I grew up on, but we've been trying hard to make RPM something that stands on its own two feet. Or four wheels.