Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unbridled Capitalism: Galactic Quest!

As Adama reported, my wife and I spent the weekend in Atlanta.  In addition to sampling the traditional Atlantean (?) traditions such as the Coke Museum (mmmmm Fanta Exotic...), we also took a trip up I-85 to Galactic Quest, wherein the awesome economics of the Quarter Bin came into play!  They also had all of their back issue stock at a cool 50% off, so needless to say, it was on!

Iron Man: Not a single Shellhead solo issue in the Quarter Bins, but I did take advantage of the back stock, snagging issues #283, 287, 291, and Annual 15, plus Force Works #4.

Flash:  The Fastest Man (Men) Alive had a good run (no pun intended), with plenty of neat stuff at 4/$1.00.  From Volume 1, I got #326-327 (featuring the Flash being voted out of the Justice League!), while Volume 2 netted #3, 144, 147-148, 150, 166-167, Annual 1, Annual 11, and Annual 13.

Power Man & Iron Fist:  Sometimes I think that discount bins were invented for this series, as I have gotten pretty much every issue I own of it from them.  I picked up #59, 74, 87, 117-118, and 124.

Furry Underpants Crowd: Some really neat stuff in the cheap box, with Arak, Son Of Thunder #22, the double-sized Warlord #100, and oddest of all, the Free Cerebus special, a sort of "Saga of Cerebus" compilation from 1992.  From the back stock I grabbed Conan & The Demons of Khitai #4, finishing off the series I got 75% at HeroesCon.
Other Stuff: You never know what you are going to find in the discount bins, as any comic book fan knows, and this time was no different.  Two of the strangest things I have ever come across were Marvel Two-In-One #21 (featuring Doc Savage!) and The Thing #31 (featuring Devil Dinosaur: The Movie!) -- two issues you'd never think to track down on their own but look like a lot of fun!  I'm pretty sure the MTIO issue is one of the ones that cannot be reprinted, as well.  (Heads up, Rick!)  I also found the awesome Fate #0-2 (you'll recall that Fate is a Character I Like), Wonder Man #1 from his ongoing (ditto), Sgt. Rock #419 with an amazing Kubert cover, and Hawkworld #1 (from the ongoing) -- that last one will become more important for reasons that will be revealed shortly.

All in all, a very productive trip!  Coupled with all the stuff which Adama had picked up for me at the Atlanta Comic Con a few weeks back, and I had a big ole pile of 4 Color Goodness to take back to South Carolina.  Now if only I had the time to read all of it...

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