Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unbridled Capitalism: Phonebook Mania!

Recently, thanks to a post Doug made over on the Doom Patrol blog, I was perusing the Electronic Bay to see if I could find a good price on the first volume of the Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol.  Well, the happy capitalist in me is proud to say that not only did I find it, but I found some buddies to go with it, thanks to the wonder of "See Seller's Other Items!"

Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol v.1 -- The original target of my search yielding a few results, but the one I went with was ridiculously low cost... and I don't really know why.  That's how these things work on the Bay.  Total cost before shipping: $2.80.

Essential Silver Surfer v.1 -- A first printing, meaning it's the original black colored Essential cover.  This is a volume I have long lusted after if only for the fact that it reprints the entire first series of the Sentinel of the Spaceways.  Also, Kirby's art looks faaaantastic in black and white.  Contained herein is also one of the greatest Marvel covers of all time, Siver Surfer #4.  Total cost before shipping: $4.13.

Essential Super Villain Team-Up v.1 -- This one is an odd one.  I generally like team-up books (hey, Rick!), but I have never read any of SVTU.  This particular volume is not readily available in my neck of the woods, so between that and my enjoyment of Namor's recent #1 (oddly enough, Namor is currently the featured boy for September on my Marvel calendar), I threw a bid in there.  The idea of Namor as one of the "greatest super villains in the world!" is very novel, since in most of my lifetime he has been very squarely in the "hero box."  But the notion of him and Doom together is irresistible to me.  Total cost before shipping: $5.50.

The phonebooks are piling up, folks.  Besides these three, I also have Showcase: Warlord, Showcase: Secrets of Sinister House, Showcase: Superman v.1, Essential Power Man & Iron Fist, and both volumes of Messner-Loebs' Journey.  I'll be retired before I get caught up at this point!

(Remember folks, new comics are out tomorrow in the US thanks to the Labor Day holiday on Monday.)


Mr. Mike said...

Glad you enjoyed our Phantom run, Luke. Hopefully, you'll enjoy Savage Beauty even more.

Luke said...

Savage Beauty looks and sounds very intriguing, but what I am really champing at the bit for right now is the new Death Angel stuff which is upcoming. The little tease of her in Phantom Double Shot has got me very jazzed to see her in action.