Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unbridled Capitalism: Independence Day

My friend Adama came to visit me on the 3rd, in preperation for heading over to an Independence Day party being held by a mutual friend.  So naturally we tried to hit up Richard's aforementioned basement, with it's several tables' worth of quarter bins.  Imagine our surprise when we arrived to find the downstairs closed!  When we enquired about it, the owner told us in no uncertain terms that it's only open once a month, in a tone to suggest that we were morons for not knowing that.  Needless to say, nothing was purchased at Richard's.

Instead, we drove down a block and hit up Borderlands, and gave Stan some of our hard earned monies!  WOOO!

Wonder Man #25 -- Filling in a slot in my Wonder Man collection, this issue (if I am remembering correctly) was pretty much the culmination of a year-plus worth of stories involving Simon and his powers becoming all wonky, including being tied to his emotions and oscilating up and down.  I really need to get the rest of this series.

Marvel Tales #201 -- Reprinting the first US apperance of Captain Britain, as well as starting a new Spider-Ham saga.  I had no idea this comic was published for so long.

What If? v.2:no.1 -- What If The Avengers Had Lost The Evolutionary War?  Yikes!

John Carter: Warlord of Mars Annual #3 -- More Burroughs!

Avengers #310 -- I really need to go through and catalog my Avengers stuff.  Reading old Avengers adventures really brings into sharp focus how much Marvel's current output disinterests me.

Icon #9 -- Since their return to the DC Universe last year, I have been more intrigued by the Milestone characters than I have been in a long time, especially Icon.  I was only able to find this single issue for the big guy, but I will be seeking more.

Hawkman: Wings of Fury -- Grabbed on a whim as I was leaving, expect to see more of this detailed over on Being Carter Hall.  I'm about halfway through collecting Volume 4 of Hawkman/Hawkgirl at this point, and am very much looking to cracking this one open.

Anyone out there do any comic shopping over the holiday weekend?

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Frank Lee Delano said...

Yeah, Marvel Tales was the only reprint series I recall surviving well into the '90s, helped a lot by themes (Punisher appearances) and covers by big stars like Todd McFarlane. I liked when they reprinted the better Marvel Team-Up stuff, myself.