Monday, November 28, 2011

Unbridled Capitalism: Black Friday (ugh)

I don't like Black Friday.  I dislike shopping in general for anything which is not comics or toys, so the entire concept of Black Friday is irritating to me.  Still, my wife and I went out at about 9:00 in the morning on Friday to buy gifts and such for various relations.  I didn't do much shopping, only buying a pair of Rockports for work, along with...

Classic GI Joe v.8-v.10 -- Mister K's did a little bit of a Black Friday sale themselves, with 30% off all books before noon.  I managed to snag these three collections right before the deadline.  Anyway, I have now purchased volumes 2-6 and then these three from the shop, which means that someone bought only volume 7.  Why would you only buy volume 7 of a series of books when 8-10 was available as well?  Of course, I say this knowing that now I will be hunting for volume 7 in much the same way.  I also need to fill in the later volumes, but that's alright, because more GI Joe is always a good thing!

Did anyone out there get any other good nerd deals on Black Friday?  (Paint the devil on the wall!)

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Diabolu Frank said...

I was hanging out with a friend on Saturday when we ended up visiting Houston's oldest living comic shop. It was the first time in many years for me, and they were having a sale at discounts less than I pay for new books every month or at the top Houston shop during its bi-yearly+ sales. The positive aspect of this was that they have all sorts of vintage crap like Batman (1989) shirts and the 1984 Justice League Detroit poster still available at prices no one will pay. I must also note that the sales clerks were extremely polite and professional, even as my friend and I were being smart-asses throughout our time not giving them money while mocking their wares openly.