Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fair Trade: Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica -- Like the For Your Eyes Only collection, I have the Marvel paperback version of this story, which reprints issues Marvel Super Special #8, which was later chopped up into issues #1-3 of the ongoing series.  I actually bought this many years ago at the old Eagle Eye thrift store in Brewster, NY, but had never gotten around to reading it until recently.  

I got into the original BSG when I was in high school and the show was a staple on the then-still-called Sci-Fi Channel.  In fact, one of the first DVDs I purchased after buying my first DVD player was the theatrical version of BSG.  (The first DVD?  G.I. Joe: The Movie.)  So I am of course familiar with the story being told here and more prone to enjoy it.  The art is by Ernie Colon and is suitably science fictiony, although the actor likenesses is not very strong.  The Cylons and the various aliens are nifty, more closely resembling how the looked on the show.  The script is by Roger McKenzie, who is clearly working from an earlier draft of the pilot/feature script and series bible.  Elements such as the reptilian Cylon race still being alive were dropped by the time the film was released, and the inclusion of Baltar's execution betrays that he was working from the original script.  Beyond that there is not much new added, but it's a fun and fast paced space opera, which is appropriate because that is the level I have always enjoyed BSG on in the first place.  

Also included are some extra text pieces from the Super Special, detailing the production of the show and the background material on space travel, robots, aliens, and other elements.  This particular paperback has less issues with panel arrangement than FYEO did, but it still crops up from time to time.

As a relic of a media phenomenon what never really caught on, I really dig this paperback.  Not sure if I will break it out to read it once a year or anything but I had a smile on my face as I read it and I am glad it is in the collection.

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