Monday, April 28, 2008

What I Got This Week!

True to my word, I did not end up buying any comics last week. But the fact that my pullbox was empty, coupled with being several hundred miles away from home, did NOT stop me from the natural inclination of man: to obtain stuff!

In this case, I managed to snag the swag my father and brother had picked up for my at NYCC. The pair was helping out over at the Blindwolf Studios table, and thus got access to all sorts of goodies. So when I met up with my father in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, he had dutifully transported the bag (of swag) for me.

Up first is this awesome mini one sheet for Iron Man. This is definitely going on the wall somewhere in my house. That is, once my wife decides where it "matches the decor," which I am betting may be the room which contains a bookshelf full of Iron Man toys. Just a hunch.

Second, this insanely cool Shellhead bust! I remain a big fan of the Bowen mini-busts, so adding this NYCC Exclusive is a major pick-up for me. The "horned" armor so rarely gets any love, so to see it in all this cold-cast glory was really sweet.

And that's not all! I also got a shirt from FearNet, as my father managed to win one of their contests and get a pile of merch. Anything featuring an evil clown is probably scary enough to wear to a comic con, so this works out nicely.

But wait... there's more! Tune in tomorrow for what may be the ultimate piece of swag I have ever scored. All I can say is that deals with a certain piece of 4 Color Cinema I have waited my whole life to see, and that I may have to wait... somewhat less than expected? Stay tuned, True Believers!


Bones said...

Good stuff! Iron Man fan, eh? I remember the good old days when I actually liked Iron Man too. Hopefully thing will turn back around for him in Secret Invasion.

Nevertheless, that is one mighty fine bust. I'm a bit of a Bowen fan myself...really, who isn't?!

Can't wait to see what the other thing you got was. I'm stumped!

Rick said...

I like the old horned armor too as it was the first armor I remember seeing him wear. I loved Iron Man but haven't cared too much for him since the 80's. They keep trying to reboot the series but I didn't see that it needed a reboot to begin with.