Saturday, March 1, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Kevin Church sez: Get Off The Internet.

Frank, over on his ...nurgh... blog, makes some good arguments about Aquaman and his place in the DCU.

Check out rob!'s (my head is spinning from that grammar) New Frontier Contest, which your's truly did NOT win!

Similarly, Adama gives his hard hitting breakdown of Justice League: The New Frontier.

Hawkman stamp set? Oh yeah, you know Damian has got you covered.

I always thought it was weird that Spider-Man became so huge, but Ant-Man remained a bit player. Think about that while reading Rick's missive about a certain pair of bug guys teaming up.

Speaking of which, Bully may have concocted the greatest such team-up of all time.

And finally, check out the new Iron Man trailer! Looks sweet!

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